Costs of Transport Services and their Significance

  • Teodor Perić
  • Janko Pap
  • Ivan Suić
Keywords: transportation costs, resources, allocation, cost of structure, economic cost, replacement cost, costs of transport mode


Transport costs in certain branches of transport are verydifferent. When they are compared, it is necessa1y to considerall the factors influencing them, and to compare the (same)qualities for different branches of transport. They may be analysedfrom three aspects:a) from the aspect of the cmrie1;b) from the aspect of the transportation service user,c) from the aspect of society.With the rationalisation of production and optimisation oflocation, as well as production activities related to tran.sp01t,the volume of transport is influenced, in relation to the volumeof production, i.e. to the transport coefficient, thus influencingalso the transp01tation costs in all branches of transport. Besides,the key factors influencing transportation costs include:dura lion of transp01t, distribution of transport among caniersregarding their costs and price (general Level of transportationp1ices).


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