Impact of Supersonic Aircraft on Upper Layers of (Atmosphere) Stratosphere

  • Jasna Golubić
  • Ivica Mekovec
  • Ivan Suić
Keywords: supersonic aircraft, stratosphere, ozone,


Recent scientific research have continued to assume thataircraft may contribute to the adverse chemical changes in theglobal atmosphere, especially regarding ozone (03) depletionas well as in possible changes in climate.Howeve1; there is substantial uncertainty regarding the realglobal impact of aircraft emissions, and governments and other01ganisations worldwide grant funds for such research.The paper deals with the emission of subsonic and supersonicaircraft, with special reference to the impact of SST aircrafton the upper layers of atmosphere that may be harmed byaircraft operation.


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Golubić J, Mekovec I, Suić I. Impact of Supersonic Aircraft on Upper Layers of (Atmosphere) Stratosphere. Promet [Internet]. 1 [cited 2024Jun.23];12(1):37-2. Available from:
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