Ergonomic System, a Factor in the Improved Traffic Productivity

  • Teodor Perić
  • Nada Štrumberger


Considering the fact that noise is mostly caused by the trafficflow with all its characteristics, and in the production systemby machines, devices, and tools, it is necessary to implementmeasures for its prevention.Noise has to be eliminated on humanitarian grounds, andthen also with the aim of greater productivity and efficiency.However, regardless of the fact that, according to the analyses,by reducing noise the efficiency is increased and the costs(both fued and variable) reduced, these should not be the onlyreasons for its elimination; it should also be in the function ofthe organisation of the work place. Led by a human, ratherthan economic tendency, full satisfaction, good health, andmost of all increase in the productivity will be achieved throughsafety and protection.


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