Correlation of the Surface Macro-Profile, Vehicle Speed and Traffic Safety

  • Zdravko Bukljaš
  • Jerko Radoš
  • Ivan Suić
Keywords: correlation, road surface profile, vehicle speed, traffic safety, vibrations


way disturbed from its static balance will start to vibrate asa whole, or only some of its parts, i.e. it will startto move periodicallyaround the position of its static balance thus obviouslydisturbing the stability of the vehicle movements and the drivingcomfort and reducing the strength of materials of single vehicleelements. Basic cause for this dynamic excitation is the microand macro profile of the swface along which the vehicle moves.Vibrating vehicle has a reduced stability in movement.Due to traffic safety reasons transversal road humps needto be installed at a section at which the mot01ist who misreadthe traffic signals need to be forced to reduce their speed, that is,care must be taken of a number of various factors endangeringtraffic safety. This paper will try to analyse eve1ything that is includedin the 'Programmed macro-profile of road'.


Mitschke. M., Dynamik der Kraftfahrzeuge, Springer-

Verlag, Berlin 1972

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Bukljaš Z, Radoš J, Suić I. Correlation of the Surface Macro-Profile, Vehicle Speed and Traffic Safety. Promet [Internet]. 1 [cited 2024Jun.16];13(5):309-13. Available from:
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