Analysis of Postal Traffic as the Basis for Redesigning Postal Network

  • Milica Gašpert
  • Ruža Miletić
  • Ivan Bošnjak
Keywords: postal items, postal-item flows, redesigning postal network, postal items sorting centre, transport capacities


Analysis of the traffic flows of postal items is an impmtantprerequisite in improving the technology and/or redesigningpostal network.The basic modelling sequence is to optimise the traffic(postal) network structure for the identified traffic demand andthe determined traffic flow matrix, respecting relevant requirementsand limitations.The paper provides elements of a general approach to solvingthe problem and develops a concrete traffic matrix with thedata on postal-item flows. Elements are indicated for redesigningof postal network, which include the positioning of nodesequipped by systems of automatic handling of postal items.


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Gašpert M, Miletić R, Bošnjak I. Analysis of Postal Traffic as the Basis for Redesigning Postal Network. Promet [Internet]. 1 [cited 2023Jun.9];12(4):201-6. Available from:
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