In-Vehicle Safety System Performance Depending on the Quality of Road Markings

  • Anđelko Ščukanec
  • Mario Šafran
  • Darko Babić
Keywords: road markings, safety systems, lateral vehicle guidance


During driving one of the basic tasks of the driver is to followthe traffic route in such a way as not to endanger in the processother traffic participants. In order to improve the drivingsafety, the manufacturers install new safety systems in the cars.Thus, the safety system !LAS (Involuntary Lane-crossing AlertSystem) warns the drivers of the unintended and incorrectcrossing of the full or broken line during driving. The properfunctioning of !LAS requires high quality road markings on thecarriageway in order to allow the mentioned safety system toidentify them on time and correctly. Road markings can be definedas a set of longitudinal and transversal lines, signs andsymbols, the combination of which designs the surfaces on thetraffic infrastructure. They represent a part of the whole trafficsignalization and cannot be replaced by other markings or regulations.The road markings have the task of visually guiding thedriver, allowing the drivers to be able to forecast the route oftheir safe movement. Every crossing of the full or broken line atspeeds higher than 80 km/h and without an activated indicatoris identified by !LAS and the driver is warned by the vibration ofthe driver seat. Road markings are the best aid in side, i. e.transversal locating of the vehicle and they influence directly theoperation of the safety system !LAS during driving.


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