Real Capacity of Ropeway Transportation Subsystem

  • Drago Sever
Keywords: public passenger transportation, ropeway cransportation subsyscem, capacity


The ropeway transportation subsystem plays a major role inmountain resort systems. It is characterised by an exceptionalinle1weavement of interactions of single system elements. In orderto provide sustainable development of the entire mountainres on systems, the real capacity of the ropeway transp01tationsystem was set. Real capacity of the ropeway transp01tation systemis one of the indicators of the development harmonisationlevel of single system elements. The research into this field wasdone at Road and Traffic Centre of Faculty of Civil Engineering,University of Maribor.The atticle deals with basic points, with method and the resultsof research. It also represents some experiences ofknow-how transfer into the Slovene environment.


6sterreichisches Seilbahnkonzept, Osterreichisches Institut

fiir Raumplanung, Wien 1978

Doppehnayr: De!!kanstosse zur Fwzktionserfollwzg von

Einseilumlaufbahnen, Projektierung und Konstruktion

im Sicherheitsregelkreissystem, basierend auf der Analyse

von VOifiillen, Wolfurt, September 1997

Ropeway transportation system development in the

Republic of Slovenia, Road and Traffic Centre of Faculty

of Civil Engineering, University of Maribor, ordered

by Ministry of Science and Technology and the

Ministry of Transport and Communications of the

Republic of Slovenia, June, 1999

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