Logistic Operator- Fundamental Factor in Rational Production of Services in Multimodal Transport

  • Ratko Zelenika
  • Drago Sever
  • Sabina Zebec
  • Bojan Pirš
Keywords: logislic operator, racionalization, multimodaltransport, traffic system.


From its theoretical and practical point of view, traffic isone of the fundamental factors of the economy in a state. In thedeveloped European countries, a rational production of transportse1vices is presented by multimodal transport and the correctselection of a logistic operator. The aim of multimodaltransport is to link together different forms of traffic in the mosteffective way, as well as all operations considering transport.The logistic operator is the only professional to pe1Jorm compleleservices in multimodal transport, therefore it wasnecesany to enable its further development and, in accordancewith that, to suggest suitable solutions. An increase of the existingand the creation of new traffic cwTents can only be achievedwith the development of multimodaltransport, the correct selectionof logistic operator and better organisation of the trafficsystem. In the future, the Republic of Slovenia should continuedeveloping multi modal transport in order to decrease the differencesin forms of transport in the developed European countriesin the shortest time possible. The main task of the Republicof Slovenia is to integrate into the European flows as soon aspossible, engage in a reciprocal cooperation by liberalization offlows of commodities and services, and create conditions forthe inflow of foreign capital where all advantages of multimodaltransport come into consideration. The result of the researchis a model of multimodal transport logistic operatorconnecting the basic elements of that transport.


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