Logistical Factors in Determjning the Sigillficance of Operation of the port of Rijeka

  • Dražen Kovačević
  • Hrvoje Baričević
  • Arijana Macura
Keywords: logistics, port of Rijeka, competitiveness, gravitation zone, Croatian p01t system


The basic logistical advantage of the Rijeka traffic routeand port as its starting and end point is the geographical positionat the crossroads of the Adriatic- Central Europe transportroute, in the region where the Adriatic Sea enters deepest intothe European mainland.Apart from the favourable geographic position, the advantageof the port of Rijeka is its natural characteristic- sufficientdepth.The port of Rijeka belongs to the categ01y of'old'p011S witha long tradition and rich experience in its operation.


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