An Intermodal Transport Route within the Hinterland of the Bakar Ro-Ro Terminal

  • Hrvoje Baričević
Keywords: Port of Rijeka (Bakar), Ro-Ro terminal, logistics, intermodal transport


The geographical/traffic position of the P01t of Rijeka is animportant factor in its integration into the European traffic system.In this respect, Bakar emerges as an important point,which, unfortunately, has not been sufficiently valorised andtherefore holds much unused potential (especially in the formercoke plant area). The existing infrastructure facilities and theirtechnical and traffic elements synthesize the aim for a well-balancedmaritime, road and/or railway traffic. The road freighttransport routes correspond to the distant traffic itineraries towardsBakar, i.e. the Rijeka Traffic Junction, and further towardsthe Italian Port of Chioggia. These are the routes fromthe continental hinterland, i.e. Central and Eastern Europe,which primarily exist as two access routes from Zagreb andLjubljana and, secondarily from Dalmatia and !stria. In the future,the Rijeka Traffic Junction access road together with themotorway links will be integrated into the Rijeka by-pass Road.A possibility of introducing intermodal railway alternativeshould be considered as well as the ''piggyback' system. The assumptionsfor the justification of such operations should be examinedin a special research taking into consideration similar,already well-established intermodal services in Europe. Theset-up of the existing Rijeka Traffic Junction infrastructure andsuprastructure allows for an uninhibited start of an extremelypositive initiative. Howeve1; an efficient intermodal route betweenthe countries of Central and Eastern Europe and NorthernItalian ports is possible only with an integrated logistic support.


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