Negative Impact of Motorway Construction on the Biological and Landscape Diversity

  • Jasna Golubić
  • Ljupko Šimunović
  • Hrvoje Ivanković
Keywords: motorway construction, natural habitats, environmental protection, evaluation of negative impact


Apart from undoubtedly positive effects, the construction ofmot01ways unfortunately brings along negative impacts as well,including the major one influencing the natural system of theregion through which it passes. As such, a motorway representsa source of continuous emissions of various pollutants, causespennanent physical changes to the landscape and disturbs thenatural conditions of the plant and animal communities.Therefore, in order to understand properly and integrally all theprocesses in the natural system, it is necessmy, among otherthings, to analyse the impact of mot01way construction on thelandscape and biological diversity. The threat to the plant andanimal natural habitats is expressed through four basic types ofimpact whose analysis results in a bio-ecological and landscapeevaluation of a certain route with the aim of selecting themost acceptable one out of a set of variant solutions.


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