Marginalne skupine u prometu - osnovni aspekti i podaci

  • Zlatko Hinšt


The paper deals with identifying some marginal groups in traffic (children, senior citizens, disabled persons and other risk groups) and provides data on their share in the total number of Zagreb inhabitants in conjunction with some aspects of traffic trauma and safety. The author first discusses the sociological definition of the term of marginal group within a wider scope of viewing the matter, and then refers to respective approaches of traffic, engineering and medical science. In conclusion the paper provides a concise review of the existing and required practical propositions in traffic and the need for their wider-scope (re)defined concept.

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Hinšt Z. Marginalne skupine u prometu - osnovni aspekti i podaci. Promet [Internet]. 1 [cited 2024Feb.24];6(6):155-9. Available from:
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