Racionalizacija, efikasnost i ekonomski efekti od uvođenja huckepack transporta

  • Ivo Marković


Introduction of piggy-back transport aspect as a sub-system of multi-modal transport, especially the latest 'C' technology, enables efficiency of capital investments in the order of 17-20%, reduces transportation costs throughout the transportation chain as compared to traditional traffic aspects by 40% (on the average), increases productivity at least by 500% while the capital equipment writes off in ll years (2 to 3 times quicker than upon investments in traditional transport aspects}. From the listed quite interesting results obtained in progressive nations (Federal Republic of Germany, United States, etc.) originates the need for a more vigorous introduction of piggy-back transport in our country. In all basic Yugoslav documents for the term period of up to the year 2000 (medium-term and long- term) the orientation towards a more timely introduction of these new transport technologies has been supported.


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