Meteorological Navigation and ECDIS

  • Pero Vidan
  • Josip Kasum
  • Marijan Zujić


In maritime traffic, a route is one or more known tracks along which navigation takes place or there is intention to sail. Meteorological factors are important if the route exceeds the distance of 1500M [1]. Meteorological navigation is the selection of a navigational route in view of meteorological factors and control of vessel during heavy weather conditions and safe navigation aimed at the protection of human lives, vessels and cargo during heavy weather. The paper proposes a model of grouping and evaluating estimates of meteorological factors when planning meteorological navigation. It is advised to upgrade the Electronic Chart Display and Information System – ECDIS program with the aim of allowing for the computer planning of meteorological navigation. KEY WORDS: planning of navigation, meteorology, optimal route, Electronic Chart Display and Information System - ECDIS
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