Forecasting Intermodal Transport Requirements on Corridor X

  • Nikolina Brnjac
  • Borna Abramović
  • Marinko Maslarić


The increase of market share of railway in cargo transport on Corridor X is considered a precondition in order to make railway operation cost-effective and commercially attractive to private operators. Railway sector has suffered damage during the war and the infrastructure needs modernization in order to create efficient and environmentally-friendly transport modes. The intervention is necessary in order to allow the railway network to be successful in the corridor competition. The forecasting model would be used to forecast the requirements for intermodal transport by the year 2018 on Corridor X using forecasting model for the future of the development of cargo transport requirements on Corridor X. KEY WORDS: intermodal transport, cargo flows, transport forecast
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Brnjac N, Abramović B, Maslarić M. Forecasting Intermodal Transport Requirements on Corridor X. Promet [Internet]. 2012Mar.1 [cited 2024Jul.19];22(4):303-7. Available from:

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