Model Approach to Quality Provision of Public Passenger Transport

  • Roman Krajnc
  • Drago Sever


Modern approach to transportation system research is based on the system theory. System analysis is relevant. Constant transportation technique and technology devel-opment caused by the need of conformation to the new market conditions is the basis for such an approach. The model approach for resolving the problems of public pas-senger transport is provided in a scientific report. The model of quality of passenger transport comprises the submodels which define relevant measures for the provi-sion of passenger transport quality. The synthesis of sub-model for adoption of quality standards, submodel of pas-senger demands, submodel of operation safety and securi-ty and economic submodel construct the model of quality of public passenger transport (PPT). Its evaluation has been carried out using SWOT analysis. KEY WORDS: public passenger transport, traffic, lines, network, quality, mobility
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Krajnc R, Sever D. Model Approach to Quality Provision of Public Passenger Transport. Promet [Internet]. 2012Jan.27 [cited 2024Apr.23];22(1):65-4. Available from:

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