Agile Port and Intermodal Transport Operations Model to Secure Lean Supply Chains Concept

  • Bojan Beškovnik
  • Elen Twrdy


This article presents a strategic view of industry’s expectations from the lean supply chains concept in relation to the container shipping industry. The global market is putting the shipping industry under strong pressure as new trends in logistics seek new opportunities to cut unnecessary costs and players in the supply chain management and in the intermodal transport. For this reason we performed a research on how the intermodal transport can secure efficient transport operations. The emphasis is mainly on setting up the agile port and intermodal transport model, in which all necessary subjects should be involved in a unique supply chain. Thus we analyzed port operators, shipping lines and inland transport operators and the way they eliminate waste processes in their everyday operation procedure. Considering all important dynamic facts in the container and shipping industry and our analyses of the intermodal service through the port of Koper we propose the agile port and inland operations model suitable to improve intermodal service and to secure lean supply chains for containerized cargo. Consequently, we came to the conclusion that some traditional subjects in the traditional supply chain are not needed; while others, like customs authorities and inspection companies should be involved adequately to secure efficient organization of agile services in the ports, on the borders between different countries and at final destinations. KEY WORDS: lean supply chains, agile intermodal operations, shipping lines, port operators, inland transport operators
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