AHP Methodology Application in Garage-parking Facility Location Selection

  • Aleksandra Deluka-Tibljaš
  • Barbara Karleuša
  • Čedomir Benac


The paper deals with the selection of traffic infrastructure facility location by applying the AHP (Analytic Hierarchy Process) multi-criteria analysis methodology. The proposed methodology is applied in a case study to solve the problem of selecting a location for the garage-parking facility in the town of defined characteristics. The paper analyses the characteristics of five potential locations (alternatives), the selection of criteria and measures for assessing the alternatives and presents the input data preparation, the application of the selected method and the analysis results. All the relevant criteria for the analyses were included: the traffic, the economic criteria and those which nowadays are of great significance: the influence of the facility on the environment and the social criteria which is in accordance with the sustainable development principles. The goal of the paper is to present the procedure of the AHP method application on the complex issue of traffic planning and to confirm the adequacy of the chosen method on the traffic facility strategic planning.
How to Cite
Deluka-Tibljaš A, Karleuša B, Benac Č. AHP Methodology Application in Garage-parking Facility Location Selection. Promet [Internet]. 2012Jan.25 [cited 2023Feb.2];23(4):303-1. Available from: https://traffic.fpz.hr/index.php/PROMTT/article/view/133

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