Acceptability of Countdown Signals at an Urban Signalized Intersection and their Influence on Drivers Behaviour

  • Robert Rijavec
  • Jure Zakovšek
  • Tomaž Maher
Keywords: signalized intersection, countdown signal, start-up lost time, headway


There are different factors that affect driver’s behaviour at an urban signalized intersection. Complementary countdown signal heads can be used to inform the driver about the traffic light phase status. In the research presented in this paper, we explored how a countdown signal affects the driver’s reaction. We focused on the analysis of red/amber, red and amber running violations. We also observed and measured traffic flow start-up lost time and headway per cycle. Measurements took place in Ljubljana at a four-way intersection where two countdown signal heads are installed that face different directions. We used the “on-off-on” approach, using video surveillance and detection technology. According to the results of the investigative questionnaire, more than 84% of the surveyed drivers expressed positive opinion about the device. Analyses of field-test results have shown that the red and/or amber running violation rate is higher when the device is turned off. The results of the paper suggest that the countdown device had very little effect on the capacity of an urban signalized intersection.


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