Some Signal Propagation and Traffic Handover Aspects of a Mobile Radio Network for High-Speed Railways

  • Vlado Lipovac
  • Antun Sertić
  • Mateo Milković
Keywords: GSM, rail radio nenvork, traffic handover, high speed trains


Taking advantage of GSM's elaborated mobility managementand its intemational roaming capability, the IntemationalUnion of European Railroad Operators (UJC) has decidedto build a supra-national rail radio network based on enhancedGSM technology.In this pape1; some implemmtation aspects specific to railroadradio environment resulting from the effects of vehiclespeed - in particular Doppler shift - are discussed, and an'off-line' algorithm for the traffic handover is proposed, whichoffers bel/er radio link reliability and less critical timing constraintsthan conventional handover schemes. More reliablehandover is of vital significance in the case of high-speed trainssince the radio link is supposed to cany the automatic controlsignals (ATC), too.


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