Possibility of Identification of Permanent Way and Train Undercarriage Affecting Railway Traffic Safety

  • Antun Sertić
  • Tomislav Mlinarić
  • Zvonko Kavran
Keywords: vibrations analysis, diesel locomotive, spectral analysis, fuzzy logic


This paper will try to present some of the causes which resultin vibrations during the train movement. Vibrations originateat the contact point between the undercarriage and thetracks. Theoretical analysis has been done of determining thespectral density of the acceleration process - vibrations of thenon-suspended and suspended locomotive mass, and then thevibrations of diesel electric locomotive type Hi 2061 weremeasured in different morphological conditions and geometricalstate of the track at different speeds. Based on the correlationand spectral analysis of the measured accelerations- vibrations,conclusions can be made about the condition of the trackand of the non-suspended mass of the locomotive. It should bestressed that determining the nature of vibrations is in the functionof determining the system reliability. If it refers to the trainand track in exploitation, the life time can be predicted, i.e. theoverhaul can be planned, and if it refers to the development,then we can use the results as the basis to determine modificationsand improvements.The efficiency of applying fuzzy logic in controlling the trainride with various input variables has been presented, where specialemphasis is put on the input variable which provides uswith the data on vibrations parameter. The analysis of vibrationsacting on the system, and the processing of the vibrationsparameter and the use of fuzzy logic provide us with the possibilityof controlling the train power plant.


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