Dynamic Approach in Generalised Modelling of Traffic Process

  • Ivan Bošnjak
  • Ivo Županović
  • Vesna Cerovac


Traffic science cannot emerge from 'emb1yonic state' if ithasn't common methodology and unified (fonnal) treatmentof traffic, relevant for different transportation and (tele)communicationsubsystems. Generalised model (metamodel) oftraffic process or traffic (system) the01y, must ensure consistencyand provide common platj01ms for large scale of trafficengineering (technologies) problems.This paper is concentrated only to consider dynamic approachin unified formal (mathematical) description of trafficprocess. Identification of some generic traffic relations andisom01phy are associated with the relevant contributions from'classical' traffte flow theory and teletraffic references. Dynamicflow models are considered as an approximation ofqueuing models and as an independent detenninistic and stochasticdescription of traffic process. Fwther 'more-integrated'contributions and development of generalised traffic (system)the01y are suggested.


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