Optimal Replacement Policy of Jet Engine Modules from the Aircarrier's Point of View

  • Anita Domitrović
  • Ernest Bazijanac
  • Ivo Čala
Keywords: aircraft operation and maintenance, jet engine, dynamic programming, optimal replacement policy


A mathematical model for optimising preventive maintenanceof aircraft jet engine was developed by dynamic programming.Replacement planning for jet engine modules is regardedas a multistage decision process, while optimum modulereplacement is considered as a problem of equipment replacement.The goal of the optimal replacement policy of jet enginemodules is a defined series of decisions resulting in minimummaintenance costs. The model was programmed inC++ programming language and tested by using CFM56 jetengine data. The optimum maintenance strategy costs werecompared to costs of simpler experience-based maintenancestrategies. The results of the comparison j usti.JY further developmentand usage of the model in order to achieve significant costreduction for airline carriers.


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