Influence of Aircraft A380 on Air Traffic Technology

  • Ernest Bazijanac
  • Jasmina Pašagić
  • Tino Bucak
Keywords: air traffic, new technologies, handling


Owing to the implementation of increasingly advanced andefficient transport technologies, air traffic in the world is showingcontinuous growth and an increasing number of significantresults. Since it is a very complex process which requires adequatesynchronization of numerous factors in all the phases ofthe traffic process, it is very important to know all the componentsof the process. One of the fundamental determinants inthe success of the mentioned development lies also in the necessityof constant increase in the level of productivity as the bestresponse to an increasingly severe competition of other transportbranches, and the increasingly expressed requirements foreven more efficient effects.The development of technology, organization and throughimplementation of science the productivity of performance isincreased also in general in any activity including the air trafficactivity.Air traffic is a system with a very complex structure, the interiorand exterior elements of which are interconnected and theyinteract. Air traffic can be considered also both as a technicaland technological system.Both in the technical and technological system the aircraftis the basic means of air traffic, its active part, the main andunique link in the transport manufacture, thus conditioning itseffect on the efficiency of all the air traffic subsystems. The efficiencyof the aircraft as a transport system is considered regardingtwo criteria. One of these criteria is safety, and the other isthe efficiency of air traffic.


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