Possible Solutions for General Aviation of the City of Zagreb

  • Stanislav Pavlin
  • Marko Rapan
  • Igor Štimac
Keywords: general aviation, airport, airport development


General aviation, which in practice includes small aircraftin non-commercial traffic, in the City of Zagreb uses two aerodromes,Pleso and Lucko. Zagreb Airport at the Pleso locationis primarily intended for the handling of commercial aircraft,but provides also services to small aircraft in commercial andnon-commercial flying. The airfield Lucko is a sport and trainingaerodrome which accommodates operations of sport andrecreation flying, pilot training, activities of parachutists, glidersand flying-model constructors. Lucko Airfield is open to trafficabout half a year and it does not satisfy the non-commercialgeneral aviation requirements. The work presents the possibilitiesof developing the capacities for the needs of general aviationin the City of Zagreb.


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