Runway Occupancy Time as Element of Runway Capacity

  • Stanislav Pavlin
  • Mario Žužić
  • Stipe Pavičić
Keywords: airside, capacity, delay, runway occupancy time, arrival, departure, runway capacity enhancement


A great many factors determine airside capacity. In the firstgroup are those factors correlated with characteristics of manoeuvringarea such as number, layout and location of runwaysand taxiways. In the following group there are elements correlatedwith flight operations such as arrival, departure, touchand go operations and also the factors related to the aircraftsuch as weight, separation and wake vortex separation criteria.In the last group there are all other elements such as meteorologicalconditions and restrictions, ecological conditions, airtraffic control skills and equipment, etc.This paper presents a detailed description of runway occupancytime in arriving and departing flight operations and indicationsfor possible improvements


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