Svođenje i ujedinjenje proizvodnje sklopova motornih vozila na tipične uzorke

  • Josip Stepanić


In the production of motor vehicle assemblies, as well as ofentire motor vehicles, apart from taking into consideration andadopting a whole range of regulations, standards, conditions,etc., it is ve1y important to carry out the designing and productionin such a way as to enable greater uniformity and replaceabilityof elements and assemblies in a possibly greaternumber of other assemblies and entire vehicles.Greatly increased production of motor vehicles in manycountries of the world, together with the total increase in thenumber of produced vehicles, as well as the frequent change ofmake, result in an incredibly large number of items, components,in the production.Standardization and unification of production to typicalsamples would result in huge savings, at the same time providinghigher quality, reliability and life time of the product. Moreeasily applicable and less expensive automation would providegreater productivity. Basically, the product would be technicallyeasier to use, maintain, and overhaul. Less rime and lesseffort would be needed for the qualified staff to be trained inthe maintenance and overhaul operations.


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