Rail Systems for Public Urban Transport

  • Dražen Topolnik
  • Marko Pušić
  • Radiš Zuko
Keywords: rail systems, public urban transport, transport means, transport demand


The experience of major cities in Europe and in the worldhas influenced the dimensioning of the required capacities ofthe transportation means. Based on this knowledge, the criteriafor using individual modes and systems as well as types of transportationmeans were created. The increase in passenger flowsbeyond capacity margins has resulted in the introduction oftransportation means of higher capacities. The decision on thevery choice is made on the basis of an integral analysis of advantagesand drawbacks of individual modes and systems, includingin the decision-making process the current situation inthe traffic in the city with the evaluation of passenger flow valuesin the future. The size of the traffic demands in the City ofZagreb requires higher capacity transportation means, on thestandard rail system gauge, featuring much higher commercialspeed, reliability, comfort, safety in relation to the previoustransportation means. The decision about the mode and thesystem should be made as soon as possible.


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