Hrvatske željeznice kao sastavni dio europskoga prometnog sustava

  • Alojz Brkić
  • Dragan Badanjak


The Croatian Railways as a member of the International Railway Union (UIC) and an integral part of the European railway system of lines have both the right and obligation of taking part in the unified traffic policy of Europe with the ambition of all European nations drawing benefits from the prudently managed railway system through optimum solutions in order to enable each transport aspect, the railways in particular, the manifestation of its advantages. International operations of the railways become increasingly important with the growth of the internal European market. Considering the fact that the forthcoming period brings the promise of favourable time for a vigorous development of the railways, the Croatian Railways as a member of the UIC are faced with major assignments on the program of accommodation to the requirements of the EC, i.e. the European transport system. The Croatian Railways must also establish and evaluate the priorities of activities from engineering, technological, management and commercial aspect. These should be fully coordinated with the European ones with adequate application of information science i.e. computerization, and all other modern technologies. The execution of schedules should be impeccable, strictly eliminating all delays. Train operation speeds should be increased in freight transport with maximum introduction of unit trains.

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