Possibilities of Intermodal Passenger Transport between Split Airport and Islands

  • Slavko Roguljić
  • Stanislav Pavlin
  • Denis Kosor
Keywords: airport, catchment zone, intermodal transport, mainland-island connections


A substantial number of passengers landing at Split Airportduring the tourist season continue their journey to the destinationson the central Dalmatian islands. Today the transfer isdone mainly through the ferry port in Split. The insufficient capacitiesof roads from the airport to the city centre which accommodatesthe ferry port and waiting for the embarkation onthe ferries and the transport itself to the islands and the finaldestinations take much longer than the air transport itself toSplit. The paper studies the possible improvements of the existingcondition as well as the construction completion and openingto traffic of the passenger sea port next to Split Airport whichwould provide a much better solution of passenger transfer tothe islands.


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