More Competitiveness for Slovenia and its Companies through the Slovenian Transport Logistics Cluster

  • Igor Trupac
Keywords: competitiveness, transport logistics cluster, Slovenia, Slovenian transport route, Central and Eastern European markets, the Port of Koper


Today, the countries of Central and Eastern Europe ( CEE)have developed into a fast growing and promising part of Europe.The vision of the management of the Port of Koper is tobecome the most important logistics centre for these countries.In the future the North Adriatic region will have to cope withfurther challenge, i. e. an increasing presence of the Asian Pacificeconomies on the European continent and in the CEEcountries in particular. For the traffic flows from this source,from the geo-transport aspects the North Adriatic is the mostconvenient seaway/ route.It was for this reason that the P011 of Koper as a key companytogether with other companies joined the pilot project -STLC (Slovenian Transport Logistics Cluster) as a stakeholder.The main purpose of STLC is to promote the Sloveniantransport route.Clusters definitely represent a novelty to the Slovenianeconomy, yet in other parts of the world clusters are known asimportant stimulation factor in the field of development. Hencethey enabled the assertion of competitive advantages, which ledto their international prevalence.This paper aims to: (I) review the current state of the developmentof Slovenian transport logistics cluster, (II) assess thepotential benefits of such a cluster for Slovenia and the membersof STLC, (III) introduce initial presentations, experiencesand results.


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