Principal Types and Characteristics of Harbour Tugs

  • Zoran Radišić
Keywords: conventional tug, azimuth stern drive tug, tractor tug, pivot, gob rope, girting, bollard pull, shaft power, admiralty coefficient, displacement


Tug today represents irreplaceable part of port infrastructurein all the world harbours and it is almost unthinkable torun a business of some port in international relations withoutusing them. All the world ports intend to get equipped withbetter equipment in order to be more competitive for cargo handling.Modernization of port includes harbour tugs as well.Their purchase depends on the financial power of the investorin infrastructure, whether the state or a private company whichis the common owner of the tugs fleet in the port with which itmost often has a 'Concession contract' for undertaking thementioned activities besides the rest of the known contractedways of cooperation.


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