Transport Technologies and European Integration

  • Sergey Shlikhter
Keywords: transport as an integrated logistical-distribution body, mode-independent approach, <<just-in-time» principle, modal split, unitisation of cargo, intermodality as basis of integration, main features of technological progress in transport in the frame of i


The paper deals with the main features of the technologicaldevelopment of transport modes in the frame of integration.Economic integration needs a special transport approach quitedifferent from traditional one by transport turning into a propulsivelogistical-distribution system. A new quality level oftransport se/Vices being required ('just-in-time' principle)leads to the development of intermodal system, which wan-antsconsideration of mode-independent requirements. Thus, theintermodality principle should be regarded as the basis for futureintegration processes. However, it is hampered now by anenormous development of road transport with its economic advantagesand underutilization and low efficiency of railwaysand waterbome transpmt. Technical provision for theintermodality includes new rolling stock, new handling facilitiesand renovation of the network. The Trans-European transportnetwork project (TEN-T) is being aimed at the intermodal(combined) transport development taking into account fuelconsumption, ecological and economic efficiency features.


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