Optimizing the Project Development in Transportation Systems: Economical and Mathematical Models

  • Simeon Schreiber
Keywords: railway building, duration of project construction, cost of construction, network, optimization


Construction of high-speed transportation systems often requirescalendar planning of the job complex. This paper describesan optimized model of construction project, which includestime parameters as well as cost factors. Project optimizationcan be achieved by solving the following two problems:1) minimizing expenditures within the predetermined durationof construction;2) determining the minimum duration of project constructionunder the set spending level.Both tasks are based on the idea of reducing the duration ofcertain sequence of operations down to the set level, ensuringthe highest effect of accelerating the construction. Under theknown time-cost relationship, the optimal solution can be reducedto search for such types of activities within the networkmodel, acceleration of which is the most efficacious in terms ofboth spending and finishing the overall project. The algorithmfor solving the above problems using the network model of jobcomplex is offered in the current paper. This method can beused for planning and managing the work logistics/calendar inconstruction and related types of industry, for research and developmentprojects in other areas.


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