Coefficient of Railway Station Accessibility

  • Blaž Bogović
  • Bojan Kovačić
  • Vinko Jenić
Keywords: coefficient, accessibility, railway station, organisation, technology


In order to provide highest quality se1vices to its users, railwaysneed to pay alien/ion not only to the standard qualitativeand quantitative indicators, but also to othe1; seemingly less relevantones. One of these may be the accessibility coefficient of acertain railway station. The paper analyses the formal mathematicalmodel of its definition, and proposes a possible classificationof accessibility. The considerations also expand brieflyto the accessibility regarding gravitational zone of the respectiverailway station, mentioning also some problems related to theaccessibility and the guidelines of their solutions.


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Bogović B, Kovačić B, Jenić V. Coefficient of Railway Station Accessibility. Promet [Internet]. 1 [cited 2024Jul.12];15(1):7-11. Available from:
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