Impact of the New Road Traffic Safety Law on the Number of Road Accidents in Slovenia

  • Polona Tominc
Keywords: road traffic accidents, piecewise linear trend function, seasonal component


This paper studies the number of traffic accidents (TAs) inwhich people were killed or/and seriously injured over the peliodfrom January 1996 to October 2000 in Slovenia. The aimof this work is to ascertain if the reduction in the increase of thenumber of TAs after I May 1998, when the new road trafficsafety law (RTSL) was adopted, is statistically significant.Assuming that the time series analysed contains also a seasonalcomponent, we found out that the new RTSL had a ve1ypositive impact on the number ofT As, especially in the first year(approximately) after adoption. After this period the averageincrease of the number ofT As rose again, but not as high as beforethe adopti01~ of the RTSL.


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