Global Logistic Network of Courier Services for the 21' Century

  • Ratko Zelenika
  • Sanja Zebec
  • Helga Pavlić
Keywords: logistic network, courier services, global logistic networks


The development of logistics has contributed a lot to all thebranches of economy. A successful economic subject cannotexist without a well-developed logistic branch. In economicsthe organization of logistics is becoming a strategic element regardingthe policy making of enterprises. Logistics belongs to anarea that will play an important role in our lives; therefore, thedevelopment of a logistic system is of an exceptional significancefor the economy and also for the non-economic sphere ofactivities. So, modem logistics enables us to bring into line differentinterests in management of material current. Global organizersof logistic services are developing and specializing insome essential services, such as combining of cargo into assemblyconsignments and also their distribution. The biggest globaltenderers of logistic services are considered, DHL, TNT,FEDEX, UPS ...


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