Adhezija u željezničkih vučnih vozila

  • Marin Vranić


This paper deals with some factors that exert influence upon the coefficient of adhesion in rail traction vehicles, as: fluids, speed, induced skidding, presence of particles, material of breaking pedals, forces of forward movement, etc. Knowledge of the value of influence of individual factors makes possible corresponding improvements in making use of available adhesion. The paper further discusses respective methods and devices making it possible. Some practical results are given in graphical presentation. Also, empirical equations are provided for computation of the coefficient of adhesion in the process of working out rail traction vehicle performances.


H. VERBECCK: 'Present knowledge of adhesion and its utilisation'. Rail International, june 1973, str. 625-735.

D. DINIC: Električna vuča vozova I i II. Građevinska knjiga, Beograd 1986.

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