Železnice u sistemu liberalizovanog tržišta

  • Mirko Čičak


This paper deals with the prerequisites and objectives of the liberalization of the market in conjunction with the review of the position of the railways on the transport service market in the process of its development. The author then .exposes the basic strategy of railways of the EC member states, reviews some new concepts in passenger transport and freight carriage and defines the conditions of the Yugoslav Railways as such. The author states that the Yugoslav Railways should be an integral part of the European railways system which means that they should considerably expedite the introduction of conditions for the application of modern technologies in the passenger and freight transport service in the process of which the community that is the state plays a major role.

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Čičak M. Železnice u sistemu liberalizovanog tržišta. Promet [Internet]. 1 [cited 2022Jul.7];2(5-6):337-40. Available from: https://traffic.fpz.hr/index.php/PROMTT/article/view/380
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