Enhanced Load Balanced Clustering Technique for VANET Using Location Aware Genetic Algorithm

  • Bhuvaneswari MADASAMY National Engineering College, Kovilpatti, India
  • Paramasivan BALASUBRAMANIAM National Engineering College, Kovilpatti, India
Keywords: vehicular adhoc networks, nodes clustering, genetic algorithm, dynamic programming, location awareness


The vehicular Adhoc Network has unique charac-teristics of frequent topology changes, traffic rule-based node movement, and speculative travel pattern. It leads to stochastic unstable nature in forming clusters. The re-liable routing process and load balancing are essential to improve the network lifetime. Cluster formation is used to split the network topology into small structures. The reduced size network leads to accumulating the topology information quickly. Due to the absence of centralised management, there is a pitfall in network topology man-agement and optimal resource allocation, resulting in ineffective routing. Hence, it is necessary to develop an effective clustering algorithm for VANET. In this paper, the Genetic Algorithm (GA) and Dynamic Programming (DP) are used in designing load-balanced clusters. The proposed Angular Zone Augmented Elitism-Based Im-migrants GA (AZEIGA) used elitism-based immigrants GA to deal with the population and DP to store the out-come of old environments. AZEIGA ensures clustering of load-balanced nodes, which prolongs the network lifetime. Experimental results show that AZEIGA works appreciably well in homogeneous resource class VANET. The simulation proves that AZEIGA gave better perfor-mance in packet delivery, network lifetime, average de-lay, routing, and clustering overhead.


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