Accurate Guidance Method and App Development for Assigning Parking Spaces Based on Indoor Wi-Fi

Keywords: parking space, precise guidance method, location fingerprint positioning, indoor Wi-Fi, reverse car search


Existing parking guidance systems only provide road guidance outside the parking lot but do not provide accurate guidance to specific parking spaces inside the parking lot. By using a Kalman filter, the Grubbs test, and a neural network algorithm to improve the RSSI-based location fingerprint identification technology, an accurate location method based on indoor Wi-Fi is obtained, which implements precise route guidance and a reverse search function for parking spaces. We utilize Beidou positioning to develop a Gaode map for outdoor navigation and use an integrated system of ultrasonic detector/indicators and ground locks to manage parking spaces. Through the secondary development of an Android system and the application of a MySql database, an app for precise parking guidance was developed. The system makes full use of the Internet and parking information, eliminates information asymmetry, improves the utilization ratio of the urban static traffic resources, allocates parking spaces in real-time, breaks information islands, provides parking search and recommendation functions for users, achieves parking information-sharing, and effectively improves parking efficiency and the parking utilization ratio.


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