A Scheduling Strategy of Mobile Parcel Lockers for the Last Mile Delivery Problem

  • Yang Wang Beijing University of Technology
  • Mengyu Bi Beijing University of Technology
  • Yanyan Chen Beijing University of Technology
Keywords: last mile delivery, mobile parcel lockers, scheduling optimization, embedded genetic algorithm, time windows


In the form of unattended Collection-and-Delivery Points (CDP), the fixed parcel lockers can save courier miles and improve the delivery efficiency. However, due to the fixed location and combination, the fixed parcel locker cannot accommodate the change of demands effectively. In this paper, an approach to supplementing fixed lockers by mobile parcel lockers to meet the demands of the last mile delivery has been proposed. With the goal of minimizing the operating cost, the location and route optimization problems of mobile parcel lockers are integrated into a non-linear integer programming model. An embedded GA has been developed to optimally determine the locations of distribution points, the number of mobile parcel lockers needed by each distribution point and the schedules and routes of mobile parcel lockers, simultaneously. Finally, a numerical example is given to compare the optimization results of the schemes with and without the aggregation problem. The results show that the scheme with the aggregation problem can greatly save the delivery time. However, for the scheme without the aggregation problem, time windows are more continuous, so it saves the number of vehicles.


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Wang Y, Bi M, Chen Y. A Scheduling Strategy of Mobile Parcel Lockers for the Last Mile Delivery Problem. Promet [Internet]. 2020Nov.18 [cited 2022Jul.5];32(6):875-8. Available from: https://traffic.fpz.hr/index.php/PROMTT/article/view/3531

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