Spectral Analysis of Traffic Functions in Urban Areas

  • Florin Nemtanu Politehnica University of Bucharest
  • Ilona Madalina Costea Politehnica University of Bucharest
  • Catalin Dumitrescu Politehnica University of Bucharest
Keywords: traffic flows, Fourier analysis, urban traffic control, traffic components,


The paper is focused on the Fourier transform application in urban traffic analysis and the use of said transform in traffic decomposition. The traffic function is defined as traffic flow generated by different categories of traffic participants. A Fourier analysis was elaborated in terms of identifying the main traffic function components, called traffic sub-functions. This paper presents the results of the method being applied in a real case situation, that is, an intersection in the city of Bucharest where the effect of a bus line was analysed. The analysis was done using different time scales, while three different traffic functions were defined to demonstrate the theoretical effect of the proposed method of analysis. An extension of the method is proposed to be applied in urban areas, especially in the areas covered by predictive traffic control.

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Florin Nemtanu, Politehnica University of Bucharest
Senior lecturer at Telematics and Electronics for Transport, coodinator of ITS Master Programme, senior member IEEE, member of ACM, IET and Euroscience.
Ilona Madalina Costea, Politehnica University of Bucharest
Lecturer, Telematics and Electronics for Transport
Catalin Dumitrescu, Politehnica University of Bucharest


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