Deformation Analysis of Bridges in Exceptional Transports in Slovenia

  • Rok Kamnik
  • Boštjan Kovačič
  • Andrej Štrukelj


In August 1999 an exceptional transportation of two steamers of 666 tonnes was performed from the Port of Koper to the Nuclear power plant in Krško. The transport covered a distance of about 200km and represented one of the largest exceptional transports in Slovenia ever. Finding the best route represented one of the major issues, because the steamers had to cross more than 50 problematic sections and bridges, most of which have not been designed for such heavy loads. It was necessary to load-test almost all bridges on the route to determine whether those bridges need any extra supports or not. Consequently, a logistic operator has an important and indispensable role and becomes a co-modeller of logistic service. A deformation analysis or a polynomial interpolation of vertical displacements could also be used. Therefore, a laboratory load test of a concrete plate was made. The concrete plate was loaded with hydraulic cylinder PZ 100 with extensiometer up to 21kN. Every increase of load by 3kN was measured with Nikon Ser 800 total station. KEY WORDS: deformation analysis, exceptional transport, bridges in Slovenia
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