Technology Transfer and Logistics-distribution Centres

  • Saša Petar
  • Ivona Bajor
  • Siniša Radulović


The capital and technology transfer into a certain region leads also to increased demands for logistic services. The transition to the logistic delivery organisation is very important under the conditions of accelerated technological development, in particular in the field of telecommunications and informatics, which enabled the advent of successful companies having a single employee. Owing to the mentioned technologies these companies get networked with similar companies, thus being able to solve all their needs by outsourcing the services or products of other networked companies. Higher speed and greater flexibility of operation of such companies has brought the following challenge: larger number of small companies has created a larger number of small orders that have to be delivered within the same unit of time. The logistics and distribution centres can represent a solution which maintains the speed and efficiency, and avoids costs of congestions and delays. KEY WORDS: capital transfer, technology transfer, logistics and distribution centres, optimisation
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