Urban Noise Modelling in Boka Kotorska Bay

  • Aleksandar Nikolić "MONTINSPEKT"-Institute
  • Emilija Nikolić Faculty of applied physiotherapy-Igalo
  • Vesna Vujačić Faculty of Tourism and Hotel management Kotor
Keywords: community noise, acoustic modelling, traffic, environment pollution,


Traffic is the most significant noise source in urban areas. The village of Kamenari in Boka Kotorska Bay is a site where, in a relatively small area, road traffic and sea (ferry) traffic take place at the same time. Due to the specificity of the location, i.e. very rare synergy of sound effects of road and sea traffic in the urban area, as well as the expressed need for assessment of noise level in a simple and quick way, a research was conducted, using empirical methods and statistical analysis methods, which led to the creation of acoustic model for the assessment of equivalent noise level (Leq). The developed model for noise assessment in the Village of Kamenari in Boka Kotorska Bay quite realistically provides data on possible noise levels at the observed site, with very little deviations in relation to empirically obtained values.

Author Biography

Aleksandar Nikolić, "MONTINSPEKT"-Institute
Laboratory for Noise control, Chief in Laboratory, Master in science;


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