Changes in the Regionalisation of Transport and the New Orientation of Centrality in Europe

  • Gabriel Wackermann
Keywords: regionalisation of transport, Central Europe, centrality


The emergence of the Se/Vice economy and the globalisationput an end io the theory of central places elaborated byChristaller and Losch at the end of the industrial period. Thegrowing mobility of persons and goods and the breakthrough oftechnologies favowing speed and information flows have giventhe main importance to the notion of space-time. The resultingmutation of transp01t, renders ever more emphasis to the networkconnection of relais stations and gives 1ise to network .systemsdevelopment, especially at large scale, that reduces considerablythe interest of old urban hierarchical pattems approp1iare10 a relatively static era which has now gone by in the developedcountries.


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