The Ncar East in the 21st Century

  • Wigand Ritter
Keywords: Near East, people, skills, capital versus religions, bureaucracy and retarded development


Although an 'avalanche of people' may be expected in thenear future lillie confidence seems to be justified with respect toa peaceful and prosperous development in the Near East. Politicalantagonism, often fuelled by religious intolerance threatei!Sor even pre1·ents the evaluation of promising opportunities atthis huge area between the Old World continents which couldotlwwise benefit so much from the by-passing great world trafficroutes.


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John Friedmann: The World city Hypothesis (in Development

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early surveys of the world system and its core-regions.

Older data after M. & E. Wohlfahrt: Das neue /fgypten;

Berlin 1962, p. 375; recent figures after Fisher-Wcltalmanach

and other statistics.

Robert Malthus a British philosopher stated some 250

years ago that populations would grow at a geometric

rate (exponentially) whereas their means of subsistence

increase only arithmetically. Nature and human society

provide the calamities that keep populations in check.

This thesis might find confirmation in the Near East. A

solution of the population problems through emigration

of the necessary numbers will be impossible.

Hijrah means 'emigration' and is known from the prophet

Mohammed's emigration to Medinah. In Arabia

this term is used generally for migrations of people, not

wholly voluntary, to new settlements.

Transit between Egypt and Jordan through Israel is legally

possible. There was, however, no bigger use made

of this possibility when the present author visited Northern

Sinai in 1997.

Hans Bobek: fran (Frankfurt 1962, p. 9). Bobek states

his argument in connection with his theory of oriental

'rental capitalism'.

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