Safety Elements at the Road and Railway Traffic Conflict Points

  • Antun Stipetić
  • Zdravko Toš
  • Davor Janjić
Keywords: railroad crossings, traffic safety, conflict points


The work analyses the conflict points between road andrailway traffic as points of collision. The growing frequency ofboth transport modes meeting at the same level results in thegrowing danger at these points resulting in turn in traffic accidentsat collision points requiring therefore implementation ofprotection measures.Since misreading of traffic signs, unadjusted driving of roadvehicles, passage of road vehicles when the barrier is lowered,and inattention of motorists and pedestrians are the most frequentcauses of traffic accidents at railroad crossings, adequateand economically optimal solutions need to be found.By solving the above-mentioned problems, using the signaland safety as well as construction measures, the authors suggestsolutions which would increase traffic safety at railroad crossings.


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