Carrier's Liability Insurance in the Function of Transportation Service Quality

  • Dragica Dalić
  • Sanja Durbek
  • Adrijana Orlić Babić
Keywords: carrier's liability insurance, transportation services quality


The quality of transportation se1vices understands quickness,accuracy and safety at minimal costs for the carrier andthe service user. Possible emergency situations may bring substantialmaterial and business damage both to the service userand to the transportation service provider. Carrier's liability insurancegives the carrier security in case of evidenced full orpartial loss or damage of goods, as well as in case of delay in delivery.The insurance allows annulment of carrier's costs generatedby emergency situations which favourably affects the operationof transportation companies and allows maintenance ofthe quality of the carrier's se1vices. The work analyses the presenceof can·ier's liability insurance in the Republic of Croatia atfive insurance companies, through the analysis of the totalnumber of insurances and the number of insured vehicles, followingthe trend in this type of insurance and its influence onthe quality of the carrier services.


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